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Deborah Arlene writes about her enduring passion – the beauty and wonder of life. Her pro-life views were formed early through her own experiences. She became pregnant with her son at the age of 14, and she and her son’s father (the same age as Deborah) married after they both graduated from high school. Their second child, a daughter, was born eight years after their son, and Deborah and her husband are still happily married today. After high school graduation, Deborah worked for state government for 25 years.  Her life was forever changed when she met the life-giver, Jesus Christ, and He began to direct her path. 


After retiring from her government career early, Deborah attended college for the first time, earning a Gerontology Certificate and an Associate in Arts in Social Science at a community college. She continued her education at Liberty University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Life Coaching with a Minor in Christian Counseling. After graduation, she became the Executive Director of a pro-life pregnancy care center. 


She retired again and is currently babysitting her first grandchild. Had she not chosen life for her son in 10th grade, this beloved grandchild would not exist. This is something she is keenly aware of, and Deborah longs for all people to view the life of an unborn child in the womb as irreplaceably precious, just as that child’s mother and father are exceedingly precious. 


Deborah also wants all people to know Jesus, their life-giver, personally.  Doing so transforms life into beauty unspeakable, not just for now but for all of eternity. 

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